Kamaru Usman’s Brother Mohammad Usman Books Place In The Ultimate Fighter Season 30 Semi-Finals

Mohammad Usman

Mohammad Usman, brother of UFC welterweight champion Kamaru Usman, snatched a hard-fought win over Mitchell Sipe.

In the third episode of the recap of The Ultimate Fighter, Mohammad Usman took on Sipe in a heavyweight matchup between the two teams. For the 30th season of TUF, UFC recruited the star power of Amanda Nunes, who had suffered a major upset last December. Losing her women’s bantamweight strap to Julianna Pena, Nunes faced her as a coach this season.

Mohammad Usman gets to the semi-finals

Usman was representing team Pena, while Sipe was on team Nunes. The fight kicked off to a fiery start as the two went back and forth trading punches. Then, Sipe caught Mohammad with an overhand right that dropped him. An animated Nunes was excited to see her student get the finish as she encouraged him from the corner.

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However, Sipe was not able to finish Mohammad as he got back to his feet quickly. Mohammad connected one on Sipe that sent him down this time. While Pena acknowledged her hopes for a finish, she realized the tit for tat going on between the pair.

In the second round, Sipe seemed to start playing more than focusing on the game plan. Nunes kept reiterating her advice to focus on the fight instead of showman antics only to fall on deaf ears. After two rounds of action, the judges decided that it needed to go to a third round.

With a spot in the semi-finals at stake, the contest went on for a third round, deemed to be the sudden victory round. Mohammad Usman came in all guns blazing whilst maintaining his composure to get the nod from the judges via a unanimous decision. Coach Nunes admired Usman’s talents in the final round as she spoke about him piecing her student up.

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Sipe was less than happy with the outcome as he continued to talk smack even after the decision was announced. As Sipe told Muhammad that he’ll “f**k you (Usman) up later, watch”, coach Pena reminded Mohammad to ignore his words as she repeated, “just a barking dog”.