Following a convincing first round knock out of fellow Brazilian Gabriel Gonzaga, Junior Dos Santos has said he feels ready for the title shot. Although considering the current standings in the HW division Dos Santos is considering a more realistic prospect of facing Cain Velasquez. Here is what JDS had to say on the situation;

‘I don’t know who I’m going to fight next, I’d like to fight Velasquez. He’s a tough guy, but the UFC has other great names too. I just want to fight against the best and with the best, and that’s what I’m wanting from the UFC now. Velasquez is a very complete guy. His wrestling is superior, but I think I can surprise him with striking. I’d train a lot of ground game for this fight too, It could make some difference.’

So with the best HW division in the world right now the UFC is going to have some great match-ups in the near future. Dos Santos vs Velasquez would be one of the best, in my opinion, an explosive exciting match up that would give us another clear contender for the title. Saying that though, the UFC may have some issues concerning this bout due to the fact that Cain might already be in the light for the title shot if the winner of Mir vs Carwin is too banged up.

However this situation turns out I’m sure that eventually we will get to see Velasquez vs Dos Santos, a mouth watering match up that I certainly would like to see. UFC president Dana White had this to say on the situation;

‘They’re all going to fight, all these guys in that line-up are going to fight, but we’ve got to figure out how it’s all going to go down. Mir and Carwin are going to get this thing started. We’ll see what happens there, and the great thing is we’re only a week away from that.’

So we will get some answers about who will fight who after this weekend’s UFC 111 event.