Josh Barnett Wants One Night Bellator Heavyweight Tournament

Josh Barnett

Josh Barnett is now a member of the Bellator MMA roster. The former UFC heavyweight champion has yet to make his debut inside the Bellator cage.

Barnett is expected to end his three-year layoff at the end of the year on a special Bellator/RIZIN card, however, nothing has been made official just yet. The 41-year-old was in Dublin this past weekend for Bellator 227 where he spoke to media. During the scrum, Barnett was asked about a potential heavyweight legends tournament in Bellator.

“The Warmaster” said he’s in favor of such a tournament, but it would all have to take place in one night. (H/T

“Bellator has the funding (to do a tournament) for sure. I’m down for whatever,” Barnett said.

“But if we’re doing a tournament it’s one night. We’re too old. If you stretch us out over a year, we might get geriatric, senile, forget where we’re supposed to be, maybe our social security kicks in so now we don’t actually want to fight anymore, we’re getting that good government money, I don’t know. But, if we’re going to do a tournament we have to do it all in one night.”

Barnett went on to say he wants to make things very old school, calling for 10-minute first rounds, similar to how PRIDE used to do things.

“Let’s do it like the real men used to do. Stop all this b.s. The commissions out there, trust the men who get out there. We can go three fights, three five minute rounds, we’re fine. Hell, I don’t think five minutes is enough. We need 10-minute first rounds, at least.”

What do you think about Barnett’s proposed idea for a one night Bellator heavyweight tournament?