With the UFC’s uniform deal with sports apparel giant Reebok now in full effect, many fighters have changed their ideas on the deal, as many of them are actually quite fond of the uniforms, but that doesn’t necessarily include featherweight champion Jose Aldo.

Aldo wasn’t afraid to voice his negative opinion towards the deal months back, and it seems as if he hasn’t really changed his tune. Speaking at a press conference in his native Brazil via MMAFighting, “Scarface” said plain and simple that the deal sucks, and that fighters now look like Power Rangers:

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“It sucks, but what can we do?” Aldo said during a press conference at Nova Uniao gym in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. “We know it’s a private company, everybody has their contracts. I don’t think it looks good, everyone has their own style. I can’t do anything about it, just talk. We have to accept. We are the Power Rangers.”

Aldo, however, has yet to actually wear the uniforms, as he was forced to pull out of his scheduled mega fight against now interim champion Conor McGregor at July 11’s UFC 189. That being said, “Scarface” said he’ll have to wait until he tries it out until he can talk further:

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“We’ll see. When I try it out, I can talk about it,” he said.

Whether he likes the uniforms or not, Aldo will be forced to where them, and he will do so in a gigantic fight as he will now definitely face McGregor when he returns, with the Irish sensation now capturing interim gold.

There have been talks of the fight possibly going down in December or January, but nothing has been confirmed. With the wait being increased even longer due to Aldo’s injury, many have come to believe that the magnitude of the fight has grown even larger.

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Who are you picking?

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