Jorge Masvidal sends support to Donald Trump over ‘BS charges’ after former president’s indictment in New York

Jorge Masvidal defends Donald Trump BS charges indictment UFC

Jorge Masvidal is throwing support to Donald Trump after the former president was indicted on more than 30 counts of business fraud.

Masvidal, a native of Miami, has been an outspoken supporter of Trump and the Republican party. ‘Gamebred’ decided to share his support for the controversial ex-president in a video clip released online. In the clip, which you can see below, Masvidal likened Trump’s indictment to Fidel Castro’s overthrow of the Cuban government in the 1950s and Bill Clinton’s tryst with Monica Lewinsky inside the Oval Office during the 90s.

“I just want to talk about something because my family has lived through it and history has told us that this is a play right out of the communist playbook,” Masvidal began. “What they’re doing to President Trump has never been done before. The BS charges that D.A. in New York is bringing up is complete and utter nonsense. Just not too long ago, Bill Clinton got a BJ in the Oval Office and absolutely nothing happened. It just went under the carpet. Now they’re trying to indict this man for something that he did before he was president that has nothing to do with anything.

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‘Hush money’ or whatever they want to call it. If we let them do this to Trump, they’re gonna come for you, me, and anybody that opposes them. This has been done before in history and every time it’s happened, it only gets worse. We can’t let the left take over and win American values. This is nonsense. We all need to stand together instead of fighting each other, letting them divide and conquer us. God bless America. God bless everybody watching. Let’s go President Trump.”

Donald Trump Expected In Court On Tuesday

The former president is expected to be arraigned in Manhattan criminal court on Tuesday following an investigation by the Manhattan district attorney’s office that began while Trump was still in office. He is accused of authorizing his then-personal attorney Michael Cohen to make a $130,000 payment to adult film star Stormy Daniels to prevent her from going public about an affair the two had a decade earlier. The payment was reportedly made in October 2016, just days before the presidential election.

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While “hush money” payments are not necessarily illegal, President Trump and his former attorney could be guilty of falsifying business documents in an effort to cover up the payment.