Jorge Masvidal Wants Conor McGregor Fight Before He “Overdoses On Cocaine”

jorge masvidal conor mcgregor

UFC welterweight, Jorge Masvidal says he wants an “easy money fight” with Conor McGregor before the Irishman “overdoses on cocaine.”

Following his win over Nate Diaz where he would capture the UFC’s ‘BMF’ title, it looked like we would be heading for a matchup of Jorge Masvidal and Conor McGregor; which at the time had the potential to be one of the UFC’s best-ever selling PPV.

Now, two and a half years later, with a combined record of 0-5 since an array of incidents out of the cage, the past couple of years have been rather cruel to both men. Still, the pair are two of the biggest names in the sport and a fight between them would undoubtedly still be well received by fans and would be financially viable for all parties.

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One half of the potential matchup, Masvidal, also sees it this way and has once again called for a showdown with McGregor.

“I think November or December,” Masvidal said in an interview via BlockParty. “It’s looking good for me, man, Before this guy overdoses on cocaine and the fight never happens then I don’t get to make all that easy money, I just want to break Conor’s face. Let’s get that paycheck, let’s get that out of the way, sell the most pay-per-views ever before this guy does harm to himself or somebody else. And I just like “boom,” get that check real quick cause I got kids, right? I need the f*cking money.”

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“Then after that, I don’t know,” he continued. “Also, if I can’t get Conor, I’m thinking probably Gilbert [Burns]. Gilbert’s a good fight for me. I like him as a fighter because he comes to fight. He’s gonna submit a guy or knock a guy the f—k out. We’re gonna give the fans a f—king bloody fight if that goes down. I think everybody will be very happy with that fight so that’s a fight I’d love to make.” (H/T MMA Mania).

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Would you like to see the Jorge Masvidal vs. Conor McGregor?