Johny Hendricks vs. Hector Lombard Video Highlights

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Mandatory Credit: Tom Szczerbowski-USA TODAY Sports
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In our co-main event from last night’s (Sun. February 19, 2017) UFC Halifax event, former UFC welterweight champion Johny Hendricks takes on former world Judo champion Hector Lombard.

Both men came into the contest on a losing skid; as Hendricks suffered three-straight defeats in his former championship weight class (missing weight for two), and Lombard came in off two back-to-back knockoutĀ losses.

The first round saw a bit of a patient striking battle to kick things off, before Hendricks slipped and Lombard immediately jumped on him to get the back clinch. The Cuban attempted to grind away at ‘Bigg Rig’ but failed to get the fight to the ground. Hendricks was able to separate and the two ended the first round without either man really landing anything significant.

A jab to the nose and body kick landed for Lombard to open the second round, and he followed that up with a nice left hook andĀ a takedown attempt. Lombard kneed Hendricks a little bit too down south in the clinch and the ref put a stop to the action.

Hendricks got rocked after a few big shots from Lombard after we returned from a brief break in action. Lombard was continuously stuffed on his takedown attempts but was repeatedly landing some big shots to the former 170-pound champion’s chin. Hendricks answered back with a few nice knees to end the round.

Lombard opened up the final round with a huge overhand right that Hendricks was able to push through from. Hendricks landed another big knee to the Cuban’s face after a takedown attempt, but was met with another big shot that wobbled him in return. Lombard is able to take Hendricks down but is slipped off rather easily after taking the back due to all the sweat on both men’s body.

The round ended with the two exchanging leg kicks and the judges awarded the contest to Hendricks via unanimous decision.

You can check out the full fight video highlights here:

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