John Dodson put together a strong game plan to win a decision over the former bantamweight title challenger Eddie Wineland at UFC Fight Night 108 in Nashville on Saturday night. While it was a strategic performance, the fans did not like it as there were many boos from the Nashville crowd. Dodson was unhappy with the fans as he said that they should appreciate the “art” of MMA. He is also upset with the UFC roster due to them refusing to fight him and making it necessary to fight cautiously.

“When I put people to sleep, no one wants to fight me,” Dodson said after the bout (transcript courtesy of MMA Fighting). “When I fight intelligently, no one still wants to fight me. I don’t know what they want me to do. If fighters want to sit there and see that they have a fair chance, just step into the octagon, that’s the fair chance right there. Once we sign on the dotted line, that’s the opportunity for you to train for me and know that you have to be ready. That’s all I want, people to say yes. I’ve been trying to fight every single month and everybody still says no. . . I just saw that Raphael Assuncao is gonna fight Marlon Moraes, the World Series champion coming into the UFC finally. I’ve been wanting to fight this dude for a while but Raphael Assuncao is gonna sit there and pass up on me three times: Aljamain [Sterling] got hurt out in Albany, then I tried fighting him in Denver, and then I tried fighting him now and he still said no because… I don’t know if his balls haven’t dropped, he’s getting old, he’s getting hurt, he don’t want to deal with somebody that can actually crack him with speed? I know he’s getting old, but we’re probably the same age, and I can still see all the punches coming at me. It could be accounted to the fact that I don’t take a lot of abuse, but I believe that everybody who is willing to be on the top should be saying ‘Yes.’”

Dodson has made his name known while fighting in the flyweight division and is a former two-time flyweight title challenger. However, after losing to Demetrious Johnson twice, he decided to move up to bantamweight. Dodson stated that it’s gotten so bad that he has tried to take fights outside of bantamweight to find a dancing partner.

“I’ve been telling Sean [Shelby], ‘Sean, why won’t you let me fight anybody?’ and he’s like, ‘No.’ I even tried fighting Tony Ferguson when Khabib didn’t make weight. I was like, ‘I’m flying in Dana. I’m weighing 156. I’ll make weight right now.’ Granted, I got called an idiot, but I was willing to take the fight. Somebody had to say yes. If people in my higher weight class are still gonna tell me no, I guess I’m just a terrorizer in every weight class. I am that nightmare that they’re just gonna be piling up on people.”

When asked why even fighters at much higher weights won’t sign on to fight him, Dodson gave a very simple answer.

“No one wants to take a fight with somebody that’s mentally insane. I am the most happiest killer that we have on this roster. I don’t go out there telling everybody I’ll be their Nightmare, their Dream, or a Lionheart. I just go out there and do it with a smile because I am the Agent of Chaos and I will ruin everybody’s order.”

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