Joe Rogan, who is a long-time color-commentator and interviewer for the UFC, launched his award-winning podcast ‘The Joe Rogan Experience’ back in 2009.

Speaking on the ‘The Joe Rogan Experience’ on YouTube, he went on to comment on how a Super-Heavyweight division could evolve within the UFC.

“There is a super-heavyweight class but the UFC has never implemented it. It’s a super-heavyweight, over 265 lb weight class. It is kinda weird that there is a weight limit on the heavyweight class.”

“It could be that one day, there could be a day, when a guy who is so compelling like Karelin in his prime at 290 lbs. If you did have a guy that big that was marketable, I could see the UFC implementing it. It is available. The commissions have it sanctioned.” (Transcribed by

Aleksandr Karelin of Russia was a wrestler before retiring in 2000. Throughout his career, he competed in a super-heavyweight division. In addition, ‘The Russian Bear’ would win Olympic gold for wrestling in 1988, 1992 and 1996. 

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How would Dana White implement such a change to the UFC?

President of the UFC, Dana White who is a good friend of Joe Rogan, stated in an interview on ‘THE FIGHT with Teddy Atlas’ that he “deserves a ton of credit” for helping bring more attention to the sport of MMA. perchance with Joe Rogan speaking on the topic of a UFC Super-Heavyweight division, it may be brought into the thoughts of Dana and the promotion. 

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Nonetheless, even if the UFC would want to pursue such a division, they would need a fair number of fighters on their books.

Do you agree with Joe Rogan and would like to see a Super-Heavyweight division within the UFC?

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