Boxing legend Floyd Mayweather Jr. has people talking about potentially fighting in the UFC.

Now, his uncle, Jeff Mayweather, recently went on record and suggested that Floyd could beat CM Punk in an MMA fight.

This leads us to longtime UFC commentator Joe Rogan, who recently gave his analysis about a hypothetical Mayweather vs. CM Punk showdown during the latest edition of the Joe Rogan Experience MMA Show alongside former heavyweight fighter Brendan Schaub.

Rogan basically shot down the idea of Mayweather being competitive in an MMA fight against current UFC lightweight champion Conor McGregor.

“Whatever the f—k Vegas puts on [Mayweather vs. McGregor], that’s cute,” Rogan said (transcript courtesy of MMA Junkie). “I don’t care if it’s 10-1, 100-1, I bet it’s going to be like 900-1. It’s gonna be something ridiculous.

Buster Douglas was only like 42-1 [against Mike Tyson]. This is gonna be insane… if they’re smart.

Because Conor’s going to kick his legs out –- he’s not even going to have a chance to come close enough. Conor’s going to kick his f—king legs out; he doesn’t have any chance.

Then if Conor decides to shoot in and clinch, he’s going to clinch and he’s going to ragdoll him.”

Bovada’s current betting odds on this potential bout have McGregor at -900 to Mayweather’s +550. Thus, what about the promotion booking Mayweather against Punk? “Floyd’s got a real chance,” Rogan said.

Punk made his UFC debut in a welterweight bout against Mickey Gall back at UFC 203. As seen in the fight, Gall dominated Punk and submitted him in just minutes in the very first round. This fight also marked Punk’s pro-MMA debut.

Rogan noted that although Punk has the considerable size advantage over Mayweather, he thinks that Floyd is one of the greatest, if not the greatest boxer of all-time.

“He’s on another level of everybody who is on another level. Can Floyd fight the same way he does with big gloves, with MMA gloves? The reason why I say this because Floyd’s broken his hands multiple times.

He’s had some serious surgeries on his hands. Maybe they’ve cured it, and maybe it’s fine, but we’ve all known for the longest time, Floyd preferred puffier gloves when he’s fought.

But he hasn’t had hand problems in a while, so maybe he did fix it, and his hands looked f—king great against Conor.”

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