Does the name ring a bell? Well, it should if you were a Mighty Morphin Power Ranger fan in the 90’s.

That’s right MMA fans, Tommy Oliver aka The Green/White/Red Power Ranger is kicking ass and taking names… in real life.

Apart from moonlighting as a model/actor, Jason apparently has been training for his MMA debut since 2005. He’s been training with the likes of Eddie Bravo, Melvin Guillard and Cung Le.

Now before the criticism begins, let me note that Jason is an accomplished martial artist and not just a random t.v. star seeking another 15 minutes of fame. In fact, Sensei Frank is a 7th degree black belt in American Karate, a ‘high-level’ purple belt in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, winner of Master Toddy’s Full contact Muay Thai tournament and a nationally ranked competitor in both Kickboxing and Karate from 1988-1990. In addition, Jason was inducted to the Black Belt Hall of Fame in 2007 and World Karate Union Hall of Fame in 2003 (along with winning the ‘Master of the Year’ award).

Jason David Frank signed a four fight contact with SuckerPunch Entertainment in 2010 and made his amateur debut shortly after (fighting all four fights in 2010). Frank quickly took out the competition and compiled a 4-0 record (2 KO/TKO – 2 submission). Immediately after his fourth win, Jason was booked for two pro MMA bouts [at Texas Cage Fighting: Puro Combate] with Jose Roberto Vasquez and Jason Guida (Clay Guida’s brother). Frank defeated Vasquez via Rear-Naked Choke in the first round but due to injury, Guida was forced to withdraw, days before the fight.


So at this point, Jason David Frank stands at 1-0 in professional MMA, and has expressed desires to fight in Strikeforce or Bellator. At age 37, Frank will probably never be champion but I just found this bit of news quite interesting as a fellow martial artist and fan of the show.

Evildoers of MMA, beware. The Green/White/Red Power Ranger might be fighting for your organization next.

Fun Fact: Jason David Frank is the founder of the MMA clothing line/apparel “Jesus Didn’t Tap”.