Jan Blachowicz claims that Paulo Costa turned down the opportunity to fight him at UFC 288.

In an attempt to add to the UFC 288 card, which was not the strongest, it appears that the UFC attempted to make Paulo Costa Vs. Jan Blachowicz. However, according to Blachowicz, this matchup did happen due to the Brazilian turning it down.

Talking to Lowking, a Polish MMA outlet, he said that last Friday, he was presented the fight by the UFC – he accepted – but Costa did not

“Friday afternoon, the question comes if I want to fight Costa,” said Blachowicz. “I say, ‘One moment, one moment,’ because in my case it meant a very strong reorganization of my life. I had to really do a lot. If he had agreed at that moment, as I agreed, because I agreed to this fight, I would already be in the States by now. I’d already be there, I’d be training, I’d be catching the vibe.

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“I reorganized the lives of people who were supposed to fly with me, myself, my manager Dorota,” he continued. “I had to do a lot. The kid, her, the people around me. And I managed to do it. I say, ‘Okay, but now let the dollars do the talking.’ That was Dorothy’s job. Let the dollars do the talking if we take the fight. Dollars have also spoken. I say, ‘Hey, adventure!’ I feel good, I’m in training. It’s OK, we’re taking this fight, why not.”

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Paulo Costa turns down Jan Blachowicz fight

However, Sunday night would roll around and according to Blachowicz, this is when he received news that Costa had turned down the fight.

“Sunday, probably evening, I’m starting to go to bed, Dorota comes in and says that Costa does not want this fight. So, I cancelled everything, people went back to their ways of life again. And now he’s screaming something on the Internet again that he wants to fight me. I don’t quite understand his train of thought.” Blachowicz said.

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“I don’t know if he was drunk, at that moment he sobered up and he lost his vision? I don’t know what’s in his head. I’m not sitting there. Weird dude, weird type. There will be no more of this fight.” (H/T MMAMania)

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