Jake Paul Writes Poem For Floyd Mayweather, ‘Money’ Responds

Jake Paul

YouTube star Jake Paul wrote a poem in response Floyd Mayweather suggesting they will fight later this year.

‘Money’ took to social media last night to reveal he is planning to take part in three exhibition bouts in 2021. The boxing legend said his postponed fight with Logan Paul will go ahead as planned. Mayweather also suggested Jake Paul and 50 Cent as potential opponents.

Paul got wind of the call out and directed the following poem at Mayweather.

“Dear Mr Mayweather, who runs your Instagram? They need to get paid better Do us a favour and stay off social media,” Paul said on social media. “You should focus on learning to read, retirement or maybe an encyclopedia. You call me out to fight, but you’re half my height. You might beat my brother but Jake Paul is a different type. F*** your proposition, I don’t to exhibitions. We can fight on my conditions. 50-50 commissions. Oh and we haven’t forgotten you tried training Nate to beat me. I left him on conscious on the canvas. Let’s hope you’re not that easy. A quick NBA knockout – he’s never boxing again. Speaking of NBA, who knocked up your daughter my friend? After I KO Askren on Triller April 17. I would love to fight you Floyd and punch you in those fake veneer ass teeth.”

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Mayweather quickly responded to his “biggest fan” with the following.

“Jake Paul is talking about he don’t do exhibitions, them two bullshit boxing matches he had were exhibitions,” Mayweather wrote. “They were not against real professional boxers. And I don’t even play when it comes to education because millions of blacks got lynched just for reading. Let me see, you went to get a black boxing trainer, try to dress like you’re black, wear jewelry like black people, try to dance like black people, but you don’t want to be BLACK. All you do is jack black swag from us. You go from groupie fan to a fake professional fighter, this world is crazy.”

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