Jake Paul Says Pete Davidson Won’t Commentate On His Fights Again

Jake Paul

Jake Paul has revealed Pete Davidson will not be invited back to commentate on any of his future fights.

The YouTuber’s most recent bout came against Ben Askren and was a star-studded event from top to bottom.

Inside the ring Paul demonstrated his knockout power. Outside of the ring we saw musical performances from the likes of Justin Bieber, Doja Cat and Snoop Dogg. While comedian/actor Pete Davidson was on hand to help out with commentary duties.

However, some of Davidson’s jokes didn’t sit well with Paul.

During the broadcast, Davidson would throw some verbal jabs at the YouTuber, calling him ‘a piece of s***’.

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This wasn’t the only joke the comedian had in his new routine.

“[Askren and Paul] both suck, but at least somebody’s gonna get hurt” said Davidson.

Paul caught word of the negative comments and said he wouldn’t be invited back, on his brothers Logan Paul’s Impaulsive Podcast.

“F*** that guy,” Paul said. “He won’t ever be a part of those ever again. He f***ed this s*** up, bro.”

In Jake’s eyes, Davidson was attempting to gain more ‘clout’.

“The s*** he said is like s*** you can’t take back,” Paul said.

Looks like the next star-filled cast of personalities which featured Snoop Dogg, Oscar De La Hoya, Ray Flores, Al Bernstein and Mike Coppinger will not have Pete Davidson the next time around.

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Do you agree with Jake Paul? Should Pete Davidson no longer work on Triller fight nights?