Jake Paul Suggests New $27 Million UFC Bonus System

Jake Paul

Jake Paul has suggested that the UFC implement a new bonus system that would see $27 million distributed to fighters each year.

On Saturday, Dana White surprisingly gave every fighter who finished their fight at UFC London a $50,000 bonus.

‘The Problem Child’, who has been tirelessly campaigning for improved UFC fighter pay, was happy to see so many athletes rewarded for their performances at the O2 Arena.

On the back of UFC London, Paul has suggested a new bonus system be put in place that sees every winning fighter bag an extra $50,000. If White and the UFC took Paul’s advice, they would pay out $27 million in bonuses money per year.

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“Love seeing fighters get paid,” Paul wrote on social media. “Idea: Commit $50K bonus 4 every winner / $600K per UFC event. 45 events, 12 fights, total payout $27M (2.7% of rev). If winner don’t deserve it / boring fight, spread the $50K to one’s that do on the card. More exciting fights, more pay. Good idea?”

Jake Paul Is Currently Trying To Book A Fight Between Kanye West & Pete Davidson

When he’s not campaigning for fighter pay, Paul is trying to promote fights.

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The 25-year-old runs Most Valuable Promotions and will be involved with the upcoming fight between Katie Taylor and Amanda Serrano.

It’s not just serious fights Paul is interested in promoting and he’s made that much clear in recent days with his public offer to love rivals Kanye West and Pete Davidson. The former Disney star has offered the feuding celebrities $30 million each to settle their beef in the boxing ring.

During a recent interview with TMZ Sports Paul claimed to be dead serious about booking a fight between ‘Ye’ and the Saturday Night Live star.

Do you like Jake Paul’s idea for a new UFC bonus system?