Jake Paul Is Dead Serious About Promoting Kanye West vs. Pete Davidson

Jake Paul

Jake Paul isn’t joking about promoting a fight between Kanye West and Pete Davidson.

‘Ye’ is currently feuding with Saturday Night Live star, Davidson, who is has been dating the rappers’ estranged wife, Kim Kardashian, for the past few months.

The two men have been going back-and-forth on social media for a while now and Paul thinks they should settle their differences the old-fashioned way.

Paul took to social media to offer both men a bumper payday and the chance to squash their beef once and for all.

“My official @MostVpromotions offer for @kanyewest & Pete Davidson I have $30m guaranteed for Kanye And $30m guaranteed for Pete + PPV upside,” Paul wrote on Twitter. “Money will be put in escrow before 6 round boxing match Let’s settle this beef like men before the children get any more impacted”

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Jake Paul Is Dead Serious About Promoting Kanye West vs. Pete Davidson

“I’m kinda sick of them going back and forth on social media and I think it’s affecting the kids’ lives, like Kanye and Kim’s kids,” Jake said in a recent interview with TMZ Sports. “They’re gonna be the ones that take the most trauma from this.”

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“Let’s end this,” Paul added. “Kanye, I’ve got $30 million for you. He’s a billionaire, so that might not excite him but what will excite him is him beating up Pete. I know Pete, he used to live in his mom’s basement, so $30 million to him I think is a lot of money, plus pay-per-view upside. I have the money, we’ll put it into escrow before the fight. We’re reaching out to their managers to actually make this happen, but I think everyone is tired of the back and forth. Like, put it on the line, like real men.”

‘The Problem Child’ insists he has partners who are ready to support his bid to stage a fight worth in excess of $60 million.

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“100 percent,” Paul said when asked if he has the finances to fund the fight. “We already have financial backers. I had a $50 million offer for (Conor) McGregor with the money in the bank.

“Everyone knows I was the highest-paid boxer last year,” Jake continued. “I can guarantee the money myself, but we have partners and stuff. The money’s good.”

Do you think Jake Paul can convince Kanye West and Pete Davidson to fight?