It’s Not Always Glamorous Being A Professional Fighter

A very interesting read from Marc Raimondi of could help give fight fans a glimpse into the life of some professional fighters.

Bubba McDaniel, former The Ultimate Fighter 17 (TUF) contestant, and UFC-contracted fighter isn’t exactly living a life worth envying.

In an interview with Raimondi, McDaniel gave a very blunt insight into the financial realities of his former life, and how its affecting him to this day.

“Yeah, I made money at one time, but everybody forgets your manager gets 20 percent, your trainer wherever you’re at gets 20 percent.┬áIf you have somebody doing your sponsors, they get 20 percent. Then I’ve got child support that gets paid.”

This interview was in response to a very interesting event in McDaniel’s life, that might make you feel very fortunate for what you have. McDaniel was cited for speeding, and instead of paying the $159 ticket and being done with the situation, he elected to go to jail for a day where he would be given three hot meals and money to put toward his ticket.

McDaniel is still fighting (literally) to make a name for himself again. We at wish McDaniel success in all of his future endeavors.