GSP’s Coach Destroys Jon Fitch: He Can’t Win Without Steroids

Firas Zahabi

GSP’s longtime mixed martial arts (MMA) coach Firas Zahabi is well known for his calm, collected demeanor.

That’s why his latest words my surprise you a bit.

The TriStar front man is preparing to corner his current star pupil Rory MacDonald against fellow UFC vet Jon Fitch in the main event of April 27’s Bellator 220 from the SAP Center in San Jose, California. MacDonald has seen a career resurgence of sorts in Bellator.

He won two fights over Paul Daley and Douglas Lima to become the welterweight champion. MacDonald did fail in his attempt to become a two-division champion when he lost to middleweight champion Gegard Mousasi in his previous bout. But the 41-year-old Fitch has quietly racked up a resurgence of his own, something that may have been considered unlikely given his age. He’s won five straight to reach a title shot at ‘The Red King’s’ belt.

Zahabi Sounds Off

Zahabi isn’t buying the reason for it, however. While he rarely talks trash, Zahabi absolutely eviscerated Fitch with accusations of steroid use to DAZN (via MMA Junkie) recently.

“That’s why he had a resurgence,” Zahabi said. “He’s better now than he was before because of his steroids. He had a dip, and then he had a surge.”

A Crime?

The respected teacher called Fitch a flat-out cheater. If he’s on steroids, what he’s doing is a crime to Zahabi:

“In my opinion, let’s be honest: He’s a cheater. We’re not a group of guys playing golf here, we’re not playing soccer here. We’re hitting each other, we’re not hitting baseballs, we’re hitting each other. It’s highly immoral. It’s a crime in my opinion. Truth of the matter is, he’s not as good as people think he is. He’s really just a cheater.”

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Lax Testing

That makes it seem that Zahabi is even questioning letting MacDonald fight Fitch if he feels that strongly. He admitted he was, and Bellator’s drug testing isn’t enough to stop Fitch’s PED use:

“This is a highly objectable contest, because I know, I feel that for sure if he did it in 2015, here we are in 2019, and he has a title fight, of course he’s going to do it,” Zahabi said. “But we don’t have USADA or VADA testing in Bellator. We only have the testing of the week of the fight, which is very easy to get around. So in my opinion, Fitch is not an authentic fighter.”

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In closing, Zahabi slammed Fitch as simply not a good fighter. The only reason he’s doing well is because of all of the ‘juice.’ In fact, he thinks Fitch can’t win without it:

“This guy is a coward,” Zahabi said. “He’s a cheater. At the end of the day, he’s a true coward. In my opinion, he’s not a good fighter. He’s not a competent fighter. He really is just a guy on a lot of juice – he’s a good wrestler, I’ll give him that. But really he really is just a guy on a lot of juice. … The truth of the matter is, he can’t win without it. That’s the truth.”