Gordon Ryan ruled from competition following another surgery to address incurable stomach issues

gordon ryan

BJJ all-timer, Gordon Ryan competitive career in question following another stint of infections and health issues.

Over the past few years, Ryan has taken the world of no-Gi BJJ by storm and is now widely regarded as the greatest to ever do it. However, Ryan’s career has been plagued with health issues including staph infections and a fungal growth in his small intestine cause a huge bacterial imbalance in his stomach. The latter is something which he battled for many years and forced him out of competition for some time.

Gordon Ryan stomach flares up along with strep throat

Unfortunately for grappling fans, Ryan has again fallen ill and would post an update to his fans via Instagram.

“Hi everyone- quick update for everyone who has been asking. I’m not sure when I’ll be competing again. When I got back from my Abu Dhabi trip I came down with a severe case of strep throat which ended with me in the hospital because my throat swelled shut,” Ryan began.

“So all in I was on over 40 days of antibiotics straight plus a shot of penicillin. During this time I was contagious and everyone were in big camps so I couldn’t even go to training in fear I would infect them as well. In addition, my ears were in so much pain from my throat that I couldn’t elevate my heart rate at all without having them want to explode and getting a pounding headache.”

“ So I’ve been completely inactive for a longer time than I ever have since I started training. As expected, my stomach has relapsed pretty bad and my nausea and lack of appetite have re-appeared, so I’ll need to deal with that, but first I’m headed into surgery today for a tonsillectomy and to fix my severely deviated septum. Just wanted to update everyone on what my competition schedule looks like. I’m hoping to be back in the next few months.”

Ryan is a multiple time ADCC world champion as well as several pan IBJJF Jiu-Jitsu No-Gi Championship and world IBJJF No-Gi Championship.

Gordon Ryan explaining his health issues on the Joe Rogan Experience

Are you looking forward to seeing Gordon Ryan back competing?