Georges St-Pierre Believes Nick Diaz Is Wasting His Best Years

Georges St-Pierre
Photo Credit: Eric Bolte for USA TODAY Sports
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It’s been several years since we’ve seen Nick Diaz compete inside the Octagon. Instead, his younger brother, Nate, has blossomed into one of mixed martial arts’ (MMA) biggest stars.

Meanwhile, Nick is enjoying the party lifestyle and has seemingly retired from competition. The older Diaz brother’s longtime rival, Georges St-Pierre, is disappointed by this, as he tells Fansided that he believes Diaz is wasting his best years. He also mentioned he thinks Diaz missed a window to win UFC gold, as he would’ve been a “nightmare” matchup for former champion Tyron Woodley, stylistically.

“I think just it’s sad to see a guy like him waste his best years,” St-Pierre said. “I think he could have been champion, especially when Woodley was there. Stylistically it would of been a nightmare for a guy like Tyron Woodley.”

“GSP” said Diaz is one of the best fighters he has ever shared the Octagon with, and believes, perhaps, there’s still some time for Diaz to return after all.

“He’s one of the best fighters that I fought,” said St-Pierre. “Who knows, maybe his best years are to come.”

What do you think about St-Pierre saying Diaz is wasting his best years? Do you think a return is possible?

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