Drunken Nick Diaz Fires Back At Colby Covington: ‘Come At Me Bro’ (Video)

Nick Diaz
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Colby Covington is gunning for big fights. Whether it’s a title opportunity against Kamaru Usman or a bout against one of the “Diaz sisters,” Covington wants to get paid.

Recently, TMZ Sports caught up with Nick Diaz to get his reaction to Covington’s recent comments. Diaz, clearly intoxicated after a night out on the town, was confused by the situation, saying he’s not sure what he did wrong. However, he said if Covington wants a fight, he’s not a hard man to find.

“I didn’t do anything wrong,” a confused Diaz responded. “What did I do wrong? I fought everybody they done told me to fight. I didn’t have no if, ands, or buts – get your ass beat, come and get yourself some. I don’t know what to tell you. I’m not going to sit here and call the man a liar, I just never heard about it.

“I mean, I just found out – I’m all brand new, I got sh*t to do. I’m brand new about all this whole, ‘I’m supposed to be fighting so and so or something something.’ I’m like, if you want to fight me, you know where to fight me, I’m not hard to find. Step into my mother f*cking range right here. Step into my f*cking range, bud. Come at me, bro. Come at be, bro!”

The interviewer also brought up Georges St-Pierre. However, Diaz didn’t elaborate too much on a potential fight with “GSP,” only saying he likes his former Canadian rival, before turning back his attention to Covington.

“Georges – homeboy, as far as homeboy [Covington], go get yourself a job, hell, they’ll hire you, they ain’t gonna hire me nowhere,” Diaz said. “So, go get yourself a job. As far as Georges, I’m like, Georges, I have a f*cking nice life. I just want to be positive, I like the guy. Everybody is trying to make me the bad guy.

“I’m like, I never – the thing about homeboy [Covington], I’m just saying right now, you have a lot of opportunities in life. I never had to talk down on nobody to get where I was at. I didn’t have no mother f*cking opportunities. That’s why I said, are you about it then come the f*ck at me then. Come out here I got a world title right here mother f*cker. Come over here and take my f*cking title then b*tch.

What do you think about Diaz’s response to Covington?