Former two-weight UFC champion, Georges St-Pierre has confirmed recent claims that UFC president, Dana White nixed a potential boxing match between himself and former world champion, Oscar De La Hoya under the Triller Fight Club banner. 

St-Pierre, who is yet to compete since making his Octagon return in November of 2017 at UFC 218 — is still under contract with the Dana White-led organization, and confirmed that White put the kibosh on a potential boxing match against former champion, De La Hoya. A disappointed St-Pierre claimed that De La Hoya was an idol of his growing up — detailing how the Californian was only second to ‘Sugar’ Ray Leonard as St-Pierre’s favourite boxer and that a potential boxing match against him would have been “fun“.

I understand that Dana (White) didn’t want me to fight,” St-Pierre explained during an interview with Cinema Blend. “However, it would have been fun (a fight with De La Hoya). Because my career as a professional fighter — to become the best in the world in mixed martial arts, is done. I’m turning 40-years-old tomorrow; I’m going to be 40-years-old. It’s a young man’s game. However, to rather fight a boxing match under the rules that Triller (Fight Club) put on against the legendary Oscar De La Hoya? For me, it would have been a dream come true, because he is my second favourite boxer of all time, behind ‘Sugar’ Ray Leonard.

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St-Pierre also claimed that a lot of the money generated from the potential showcase would have gone to charitable organizations.

Plus, a lot of the money made would have been given to charity,” St-Pierre continued. “So it would have been for a good cause, just to show that we don’t take ourselves too seriously. And it would have been serious competition because you say, I play basketball, I play hockey, but you don’t ‘play’ fighting. It would have been fun.
The above-mentioned, White recently addressed Triller Fight Club and their CEO, Ryan Kavanaugh, telling them to; “stop texting me, stop calling me, stop f*cking asking the media to ask me things, OK? Beat it. Get lost.” Before calling the organization a “f*cking joke“.

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Responding to White, Kavanaugh addressed the promotional leader’s comments and claimed he would donate a sum of $250,000 to charity if White signed off and gave St-Pierre permission to compete opposite De La Hoya. 

If we are a “joke” and you don’t give a sh*t, than (sic) approve GSP (Georges St-Pierre) to fight,” Kavanaugh posted on Instagram. “We will donate $250,000 to a charity of your choice if you approve the fight, as the deal is ready to close pending ONLY your approval.

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Triller Fight Club hosted a notable event in April of this year, which featured a headliner between polarizing YouTuber, Jake Paul, and former UFC welterweight contender, Ben Askren — with the latter receiving permission from the promotion to compete against the Ohio native given the fact he still remains contractually obliged to the UFC despite his retirement from professional mixed martial arts. 

White has also claimed that he wouldn’t be “loaning” a mixed martial artist from the UFC’s roster to fight Paul, who himself has recently claimed that he is currently a free agent following his fight against Askren, and is open to engaging in business with White