Frankie Edgar’s Main Weapon Against Bj Penn Is That He’s "Different"

Edgar (11-1 MMA, 6-1 UFC), faces Penn (15-5-1 MMA, 11-4-1 UFC) at UFC 112 in April, has added an extra month to his usual eight-week camp to prepare for the challenge and opportunity of a lifetime.

When asked how he’s going to beat Bj Penn, he answerd “The fighter that I am will present a challenge for B.J”. He goes on to say “I’m just a little bit different with the way I approach my stand-up and my wrestling ability.”

Edgar believes that Bj has never fought someone with stand-up and wrestling ability as his, and this difference will help him beat Penn.

When asked about the Gray Maynard vs Nate Diaz fight, Edgar said “it was real close. It could have went either way. I’m a little biased, obviously. I thought Nate pulled it off, but I could see how it went Gray’s way as well.”

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Edgar goes on to explain why Florian and Sanchez failed to defeat Bj Penn. According to Edgar “Florian tried to implement GSP’s game plan a little bit, and [the lightweights] are not GSP,” Edgar said. “Nobody is. Diego was going too forward on him, and when he got rocked in the first flurry in the first round, his game plan was tough to get back to.”

Edgar is preparing a game plan with his bjj mentor Renzo Gracie and Ricardo Almedia. Edgar believes beating Penn would be “the icing on the cake” because he will become the lightweight champion and dethrone the king of lightweights.

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Edgar and Penn are set to face on April 10th in UFC 112 in Abu Dhabi