Francis Ngannou claims success in feud with UFC boss Dana White: ‘I’m the winner in this situation’

Francis Ngannou talks up success in feud with UFC boss Dana White I'm the winner in this situation

Former UFC heavyweight champion Francis Ngannou shrugs off Dana White’s feud.

During the end of Ngannou’s time with the UFC, it was clear how both parties felt about one another after what had become months of disputes. Upon his departure from the promotion, Francis Ngannou was in the unknown but quickly his luck would turn. 

Ngannou would sign a monumental deal with PFL, then sign to fight Tyson Fury – putting up an inspired performance win which he would drop the current WBC champion. Following his boxing debut which many felt he deserved to win, Ngannou’s profile had never been bigger and is just over a week away from another high-profile boxing match, this time against Anthony Joshua.

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It also seems now that Ngannu is far past his time with the UFC, seemingly in a very good place in life and choosing to turn the other cheek when asked about UFC CEO Dana White, who has had his fair share to say about ‘The Predator.

Francis Ngannou talks feud with UFC leader, Dana White

“I don’t care, before and after Dana White my life is going on and I think my life is going on pretty good today. I don’t have any worries and in fact I’m grateful to Dana White because without our relationship breaking out I wouldn’t be here and doing what I’m doing,” Ngannou told Mirror Fighting.

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“Without him doing things the way that he did, I wouldn’t be here. It played out pretty good for myself, so I can’t complain. I’m a winner in this situation, I don’t give a s***.” Ngannou’s UFC exit was delayed by a championship clause in his contract and this has put him off fighting for world titles in boxing. (H/T Mirror)

Ngannou proved he has the capabilities to mix it with some top heavyweights in his fight against Fury, showing his power and chin can translate well to the pugilist world. 

The Joshua fight is truly an intriguing one, but one thing is definite. It will be a clash of two big and powerful heavyweights who have a track record of stopping opponents with thudding shots.

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Who wins, Francis Ngannou or Anthony Joshua?