Francis Ngannou’s coach, Dewey Cooper, challenges John Fury to a boxing match: ‘I’d definitely take it’

Francis Ngannou's coach challenges John Fury

Dewey Cooper, the longtime coach of former UFC heavyweight champion Francis Ngannou, has challenged Tyson Fury’s father — John Fury — to a fight inside the squared circle.

Fury, 59, has been teasing a potential return to the ring for the last several months, even calling out legendary pugilist ‘Iron’ Mike Tyson for a showdown ahead of his son’s critically acclaimed crossover clash with Ngannou — whom Tyson trained — in October. Tyson largely laughed off the idea of fighting the elder Fury, but it appears as though Ngannou’s coach is more than happy to strap on the eight-ounce gloves and give it a go against Tyson’s dear ol’ dad.

“John Fury wanted to fight Mike Tyson, that’s a big fight and would make a lot of money,” Cooper said in an interview with Mirror Fighting. “I don’t blame him, why not? If he called me out, I’d definitely fight him. I’m a coach now, I’m retired from fighting but I train and I can definitely train more if I’m ignited to do such.

“I haven’t seen him fight because the only fighters I really watch are the legends that I grew up loving and the opponents of my fighters, so I can’t really say. I wouldn’t discount his ability because he’s Tyson Fury’s dad and Tyson is one of the greatest. I’m sure he can fight otherwise he wouldn’t be so confident in himself. I just need enough time to train to fight anybody, but if he wants a boxing fight I’d definitely take it. I would have crouse study him to see what he does well and try to nullify that.”

Dewey Cooper is Already in Saudi Arabia to help Francis Ngannou Prepare for his next fight

After narrowly coming up short against Tyson Fury, Francis Ngannou returns to the ring on March 8 when he meets No. 1 ranked WBC heavyweight contender Anthony Joshua. Cooper along with striking coach John Mbumba are already in Saudi Arabia — the site of Ngannou vs. Joshua — to prepare his fighter for another high-stakes matchup in Riyadh.

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Only once Ngannou’s fight with Joshua is in the books will Cooper offer John Fury any further attention.

“I have a commitment to my fighters like very few fighters, I don’t sleep at night,” he added. “I’ll train them all day, two or three in morning whatever they want to do. I’m willing to sacrifice my body for my fighters and there is no bigger sacrifice than what I do with Francis, he hurts me often. Everyday I’m there ready for him to work, so that’s my dedication and my commitment.”