Fighter Who Knocked Himself Out Goes Ballistic On Twitter

Gregory J. Fisher-USA TODAY Sports
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An extremely odd way of winning took place at last night’s (Fri., June 1, 2018) UFC Fight Night 131 from the Adirondack Bank Center in Utica, New York, when flyweight Jarred Brooks was knocked out by his own takedown against the debuting Jose Torres.

Despite coming in as a touted former Titan FC champion, Torres was dropped early on by a spinning backfist from Brooks. But when Brooks scooped up Torres for a big slam in the second round, the tables were turned when “Shorty” adjusted enough to drop Brooks on his head and daze him.

A path then opened for a few quick follow-up punches that sealed the deal. Watch the bizarre stoppage right here:

The strange victory gave Torres a triumphant UFC debut in the oddest of ways, but Brooks understandably isn’t dropping the subject.

He took to Twitter the morning after the fight to talk smack, saying that he would beat Torres “9 out of 10 times” and the tenth would only be when he knocked himself out:

“Your lucky that I knocked myself out and you didn’t do sh*t to me that whole fight. Just seen your after fight interview well played but if we run that shit back I beat you 9 times out of 10 and the only time you do is me KOing myself!”

Brooks fired back at a fan that told him he got knocked out, saying it ‘sure as f***’ wasn’t Torres who knocked him out:

Things got more heated from there when another ‘fan’ gave him a ‘pro tip’ not to knock himself out, however. Brooks posted his home address online and dared the fan to come and say that to his face:

Brooks’ UFC record is now 1-2, but it could easily be 2-1 if he had not been the unfortunate victim of this rare and unlikely event.

He’s understandably mad about the defeat, and his haters online certainly aren’t helping. Offering his home address online for them to come to find him isn’t either.