EXCLUSIVE | Jessica Eye Responds To Critics Ahead Of June 13 Main Event

Jessica Eye
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Featherweight contender Jessica Eye is set to welcome Cynthia Calvillo to the division on June 13. Surprisingly, the fight will serve as the main event for the card that is set to take place in Las Vegas Nevada. The UFC officially announced the full card for next weeks event yesterday while confirming Eye vs. Calvillo would serve as the main event. However, it has been common knowledge that the flyweight fight would top the bill for some time.

Speaking exclusively to LowKickMMA Eye admitted she was surprised to get the call to compete in the main event but more than happy to accept the offer as it’s a dream come true for her and would be for many fighters.

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“The call came through. I was taking a nap,” Eye said. “I woke up from my nap, we talked it over and we decided to do it. It’s a great opportunity regardless of who the opponent is. To fight on a UFC main event is a dream coming true for a lot of fighters so regardless of the situation if it’s on ESPN+, ESPN, or even a pay-per-view I’m taking the opportunity for myself because I want it.”

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While Eye is understandably delighted to be the main attraction next week the honour hasn’t come without some drawbacks, namely fans criticizing her fight as not main event worthy. The former flyweight title challenger isn’t too worried about the “meaningless” critics whose opinions really don’t matter, she explained.

“Who’s criticism matters? It clearly doesn’t matter because the fight is already made. The best fight league in the world made us the main event. If five losers that don’t respect us or respect the sport just because it’s not what they want, they have an opinion but it doesn’t really matter to me – they’re meaningless. They mean nothing to me and I’m sure they mean nothing to her (Cynthia Calvillo) and they truly mean nothing to the UFC or they wouldn’t make the fight to begin with.”

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How do you feel about Jessica Eye vs. Cynthia Calvillo headlining on June 13?