Former UFC fighter Houston Alexander took part in an experiment where he was injected with doses of adrenaline heavy enough to jerk someone out of cardiac arrest.

Two TikTok videos from the TV show Sport Science have recently been doing rounds on the internet. With a more detailed breakdown of the experiment available on YouTube, the MMA fighter is injected in the thigh with 0.6 mg of adrenaline that raises his epinephrine levels before proceeding to smash a gullible dummy.

In typical docu-series fashion, the Illinois native can be seen flat on a table in proper medical surroundings complete with a lab coat-clad doctor that injects him with an ‘extremely potent’ dosage of adrenaline. 

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You can see the look on Houston Alexander’s face change as he goes through a range of emotions during the experiment. The fighter gets up after the shot and tests his synthetically-generated adrenaline abilities by punching a crash test dummy in the face multiple times. 

The narrator explains: “Dr Isaac decides to proceed with [the] injection. A total dosage of .6 milligrams is extremely potent, as much as an emergency room doctor might give a patient suffering cardiac arrest. 

“It doesn’t take long for the epinephrine to saturate the bloodstream, sending Houston’s heart rate skyrocketing to 155 BPM.” (h/t LADBible)

Dr. Isaac briefs his medical reporting, “Blood pressure response 156 over 90. Heart rate response has increased, epinephrine response is present.”

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Upon being probed by the doctor, Alexander responds that he can “feel it run into my veins.”

Findings of the experiment on Houston Alexander

Houston Alexander started the experiment by gauging his performance level naturally and then with adrenaline. Starting off slow, the MMA veteran gets some words of encouragement from coach Mike Doyle that are aimed at boosting his natural adrenaline levels as much as possible.

The findings of the experiment saw Alexander generate 900lbs of force after his body was loaded with synthetic adrenaline. What may come as more surprising is that he was able to produce 1,000lbs of force, after being fired up by his coach.

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Back in 2009, Houston Alexander gained recognition as one of the finalists for UFC’s The Ultimate Fighter Season 10 where he was matched up against the infamous Kimbo Slice. While Alexander managed to win the first round, he ended up losing the bout via decision.

He made his return to combat sports at BKFC 21 scoring a savage KO win against Wes Combs after a four-year-long hiatus. Previously, his last outing in MMA was a rematch he lost against Rakim Cleveland in 2017.

Are you surprised by the findings of the experiment on Houston Alexander?