Rashad Evans: The illusion of the mythical Jon Jones doesn’t exist for me


“I’m at the point where I’m not really bothered by anything (Jon Jones) says. What he says makes no sense anyway. He thinks he’s something so special people need to bow to him when they see him on the street. Does it motivate me? At this point, not really. There’s really not much more he can say to me to motivate me. I’m already motivated for this fight; I’m motivated beyond reason. Yeah, I want to be the first guy to really beat Jon, yeah, I want my title belt back and I want to show my former trainer what’s what. But this fight is not about proving a lot of people wrong about Jon Jones; it’s about proving me right. The illusion of or the mythical Jon Jones that the other guys fought, it doesn’t exist for me. I know how weak he is mentally – all the doubts he has about himself. I’m going to be the first one to stop this kid. I saw an interview where he says he’s not giving it to me. He don’t have to. I’m taking it from him at UFC 145 on April 21.” – For more from Rashad Evans, visit Yahoo.com

It appears Rashad Evans believes in himself and his abilities to the fullest, and shows no love lost for former training partner, Jon Jones.

The hype surrounding this battle is reaching an all-time high, and could result in one of the most-watched UFC pay-per-views in history. With one combined loss (and one DQ) between the two top-ranked Light Heavyweights, a battle for the ages could ensue. Who will win this epic clash, Low’kickers? Is Rashad Evans the man to finally dethrone the momentum of Jon Jones in an emotionally-fueled grudge match?

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Photo: Francis Specker