Dr. Mike Israetel: Renaissance Periodization

Dr. Mike Israetel: Renaissance Periodization

One of the most popular creators within the YouTube fitness community is Dr. Mike Israetel. He is the host and co-creator of the widely popular YT channel Renaissance Periodization.

Let’s take a look at Mike Israetel’s background and what he covers on his successful YouTube channel.

Dr. Mike’s Background

Dr Mike Israetel Background

Dr. Mike Israetel is a doctor in sports physiology, a bodybuilder, and a popular YouTube personality. Israetel earned his Ph.D. in sports physiology from Eastern Tennessee State University.

He is widely recognized for his expertise in exercise science, sports nutrition, and strength training. Dr. Israetel has contributed significantly to the fitness industry through his research, writing, and coaching.

Mike has been involved in various coaching roles and working with various athletes from bodybuilding, powerlifting, and combat sports. His coaching approach emphasizes evidence-based practice and individualization programmed to each athlete’s needs.

Dr. Israetel has co-authored numerous peer-reviewed scientific papers on various topics. Everything from sports nutrition, hypertrophy, periodization, and strength training. 

His work often bridges the gap between scientific research and physical application. Thus, making these concepts accessible to everyone from athletes, coaches, and fitness enthusiasts.

Mike Israetel’s Youtube Channel: Renaissance Periodization

How most people know Dr. Mike Israetel is from his widely popular YouTube channel Renaissance Periodization. On his YouTube channel, Mike covers a wide range of topics from fitness, training, and supplementation.

  • Training Techniques: Providing insights to various training methodologies, exercises, techniquess and program strategies.
  • Nutrition Guidance: He offers evidence-based advice on nutrition strategies for enhancing performance, improving body composition, and overall health. This includes discussions on macronutrient intake, meal timing, supplementation, and dietary approaches for different fitness objectives.
  • Q/A Sessions: The majority of Israetel’s videos are Q/A sessions where he answers some of the most commonly asked questions about fitness. Everything from training, nutrition, and supplementation.
  • Workout Critiques: Dr. Mike also does reviews and critiques of celebrity and athlete workouts.
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Dr. Mike vs. Celebrity Trainers 

One of Dr. Mike Israetel’s most popular videos is his critiques of celebrity workouts. He is highly critical of many celebrities and their routines.

Mike calls many of the “famous celebrity trainers” charlatans, who have no idea what they’re doing. He has done various harsh and funny critiques of various celebrities.

Some of the celebrities that Israetel has critiqued include:

  • Mark Wahlberg
  • Michael B. Jordan
  • Lebron James
  • Chris Hemsworth
  • Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson
  • Henry Cavill
  • Bradley Cooper
  • Ben Affleck

Mike’s biggest critique of some celebrity workouts is that many of the exercises they do are dumb and illogical.

Dr. Mike on Steroid Use

Dr. Mike probably has some of the most no-nonsense take on steroid use. He’s done numerous videos on this topic and basically breaks down steroid use like this.

  • Steroids can be beneficial if used correctly.
  • Extended or overuse of steroids will lead to a variety of health problems.
  • Females may become infertile and get mannish features using androgen steroids
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Israetel recommends that you should never use steroids since the negatives outweigh the positives. However, if someone is going to use steroids, he recommends low-dose oral steroids. He doesn’t think you should go crazy and start shooting tren everyday.

Mike Israetel’s Critiques Of Mike Mentzer’s Training 

One of Dr. Mike Israetel’s most popular videos of the last year was his critique of Mike Mentzer’s training. Mentzer’s high-intensity to-failure approach has had a renaissance in popularity in recent years, so Mike reviewed Mentzer’s instructional video.

Israetel ‘s main critique of Menzter’s training ideology is his view of single-set lift protocols being the best training style. Dr. Mike points out from multiple studies that multi-set protocols are far more beneficial than single-set protocols.

The other critique of Mentzer’s training was his progression algorithm. In Menzter’s algorithm, you start at 8 reps with X weight, progress to 12 reps, add 10% load, and restart.

Israetel shows a scientifically more proven progression algorithm, in which you gradually add more weights. Adding 2.5-5 lbs to the exercise each time and trying to hit the same rep range. This style of progression shows more steady improvement than Menzter’s approach.

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Also, even though this was a critique video, Dr. Mike commended Mentzer for being ahead of his time. He agreed with Mentzer that increased intensity is a must to achieve strength goals/fitness goals.

Israetel also commenced Mike Mentzer on his great form and going full ROM.

The RP Hypertrophy Training App

Dr Mike Israetel in gym

Dr. Mike collaborated with pro bodybuilders to create the RP Hypertrophy Training App. This is one of the most complete weight training apps ever created. 

Through the hypertrophy app, you can follow scientifically proven training programs to reach your fitness goals. The app does everything from mapping out what exercises you must do, the rep ranges, and for how long.

It also gives dietary tips and lets you make notes on your training. This app has gotten rave reviews online for its attention to detail to help users reach their fitness goals.

Dr. Mike’s Training Session With Famous Bodybuilder/Lifters

Doctor Mike Israetel

One of Mike Israetel’s most popular sections of videos on his channel is his training sessions. He trains various fitness pros from bodybuilders to powerlifters and goes through either his or their routines.

Mike Israetel: BJJ Brown Belt

On top of being a doctor in sports physiology and an NPC bodybuilder, Dr. Mike is also a BJJ practitioner. He currently holds a brown belt in the martial art under Josh Vogel. 

When Mike isn’t making videos or lifting, he’s practicing jiu-jitsu at the Jiu-Jitsu Company in Philadelphia.