Video – Dog tries to save his owner at jiu-jitsu competition: ‘Everyone started clapping’

Video - Dog tries to save his owner at jiu-jitsu competition: 'Everyone started clapping'

A BJJ competitor’s dog was booted from a jiu-jitsu event after taking the mat to protect his owner.

In an undeniably adorable moment, an unidentified man was in the middle of a BJJ match during a tournament when his pet attempted to intervene. The incident occurred when the dog’s owner was on his back with his opponent in full guard. Out of nowhere, the dog comes casually trotting onto the mat and proceeds to lay over top of his owner.

Francisca Silueta caught the moment on video from the stands.

The referee immediately had to step in and lift the dog off the competitor before carrying the canine off of the competition floor.

The incident occurred during the Campeonato Nacional Open held by the Liga Chilena de Brazilian Jiu Jitsu in the city of Valparaíso.

Dog saves owner at jiu-jitsu competition

Fans were delighted by the dog’s interference at the jiu-jitsu event

The crowd enthusiastically applauded the dog’s actions, not knowing who he was but admiring his attempts to break up the fight.

“Suddenly, all the eyes were staring at this dog, and all the competitors had to stop. Everybody started clapping,” Silueta later told The Dodo of what happened at the competition. “It was like the dog had won first place.” (h/t