Dillon Danis Gets Personal In Latest Shot At Ben Askren

Dillon Danis
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The shots continue to get personal as Bellator star Dillon Danis and the UFC’s Ben Askren go at it online.

Danis and Askren have kept it no secret that they don’t like each other with their trash talk over the past several months. Now, Danis took to Twitter to post a crude meme aimed at Askren’s sex life. This comes after Askren made several “kneecap” jokes about Danis following his pull from ADCC 2019. 

Check out the meme below.

Danis and Askren have been going back-and-forth with each other online for quite some time now. They’d eventually like to settle their differences in a competitive setting. Recently, Askren expressed interest in doing a grappling match with Danis down the line, perhaps after his UFC career comes to a close.

“At this point it’s my MMA career,” Askren said on Ariel Helwani’s MMA Show earlier this year. “When I am done with that if I chose to take part in a grappling contest it would be Dillion Danis.

“Obviously, he challenged me to a grappling match. After my MMA career, that’s something I would definitely do.”

Danis quickly responded to Askren’s comments, letting “Funky” know he’s game.

What do you think about the back-and-forth between Danis and Askren?

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