Diego Sanchez Blames UFC 171 Loss to Myles Jury on Raw Quail Egg


(Sanchez grimaces as the raw meat works its intestinal magic. / Photo via Getty)

You read the headline right. Diego Sanchez took to twitter earlier today to explain why he lost to Myles Jury at UFC 171. It wasn’t due to age, strategy, or simply fighting from a previous era. No, the culprit was steak tar tar with a side of raw quail egg:

As hilarious as it sounds, Sanchez wasn’t trying to be funny. He even tweeted out the menu of the restaurant he attended, SER Steakhouse—”an exciting new breed of Dallas steakhouse” that promises to offer “a sophisticated and urban dining experience unlike any other.” They delivered on that promise, but not in the way they intended; Sanchez spent the day of the fight vomiting, which we’d say is an experience unlike any other.

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After losing to Jury, Sanchez is now 1-3 in the last two years of competition. We suggest less high brow dining and more KFC.