Dhiego Lima’s Manager To Appeal UFC 243 Split Decision Win

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It’s very rare that a manager appeals when their fighter has won, but that’s what Dhiego Lima’s manager Alex Davis plans on doing.

Lima got his third win in a row following a split decision victory over Luke Jumeau on the main card of UFC 243 last night. However, it was surprising that it was a split decision in the first place as Lima looked to be the better fighter throughout the three rounds.

For that reason, Davis plans on appealing the result to get the decision changed to a unanimous one.

“Although Dhiego won, we have decided to appeal this decision,” Davis told MMA Junkie. “We are asking that it be changed from split to unanimous on a question of principle. Although we are happy with Dhiego’s win, we are intrigued at how a judge could have scored the fight for Jumeau. No disrespect to Jumeau – he fought a tough fight. But a split decision does not reflect the reality of the fight.

“Once again, this exposes a fundamental flaw in MMA judging and structure. The question again looms: Who are these people? What are their credentials? How did they get into such an important position, as to judge fights that affect these hard-working athletes’ lives and careers?”

It’s easy to see why Davis wants to appeal. He was also not happy with another client in Edson Barboza’s split decision defeat to Paul Felder last month at UFC 242. He appealed that loss and although, there is no update on what that lead to, he feels he’s required to keep pressing the issue:

“These questions cannot stop being asked,” Davis added. “These decisions must be confronted for a better MMA.”

Do you agree with Davis? Were you also shocked that it was a split decision win?

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