Derrick Lewis has been facing a lot of criticism after his recent performance this past weekend.

“The Black Beast” was defeated by former heavyweight champion Junior dos Santos at UFC on ESPN+ 4. Lewis battled through a severe injury despite urges from his coach to pull out. He very well could’ve gotten the job done, but it was “Cigano’s” night in Wichita when all was said and done.

Speaking to MMA Fighting after the contest, Lewis’ coach, Bob Perez, has a message for all the “f*cking idiots” who questioned his fighter’s cardio against “JDS”:

“All these trolls and all these haters and all these fucking idiots — Derrick sucks? Come fight him, see how that goes for you, dumbass,” Perez said.

“These reporters that have never competed in anything other than a pie-eating contest, they’re having trouble breathing while they’re f*cking typing because they’re morbidly obese, they want to question Derrick about his f*cking cardio? F*ck you.”

Perez claims they have had people show up to the gym thinking they could beat Lewis in a fight. Instead, things didn’t turn out so well for the challengers. He went on to slam flip-flopping fans for being “f*cking terrible”:

“We’ve had a couple of guys show up to the gym thinking they could beat Derrick in a fight and they got slept, bro. They got slept,” Perez said. “People just don’t get how hard this is, how hard it is on the fighter, what they have to do in preparation. The aches, the pains, the heartache, the blood, sweat and tears — the cliche stuff.

“It’s f*cking true, man. These guys go through so much and these fans are just the most wishy-washy flip-flopping — they’re worse than politicians, man. You’re winning and it’s ‘We love you, you’re the best, your balls are hot, you’re the Black Beast.’ And you lose, ‘Aw, fuck you, you suck!’ These fans, they’re f*cking terrible, man.”

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