Demetrious Johnson Comments On Henry Cejudo’s Cringe Gimmick

Demetrious Johnson
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Demetrious Johnson has commented on former opponent Henry Cejudo’s new gimmick during a recent interview with MMA Junkie.

Arguably the funniest UFC fighter to date, Henry Cejudo has certainly garnered a lot of attention with his various funny performances during interviews, staredowns and on social media; and he even went as far as calling out Valentina Shevchenko to an intergender fight (which would be a first for the UFC).

Johnson has taken notice of ‘Triple C’ – the nickname which Cejudo has chosen for himself.

“I see what ‘Triple C’ is doing,” Johnson said to MMA Junkie. “It’s funny. My buddy came over to my house, and he was like, ‘What the hell is this man doing?’ I was like, ‘What are you talking about?’ He told me that intergender whatever, and I just laughed. I think it’s hilarious, but I’m happy for him. At the end of the day, he’s doing what he wants to do, and he’s creating a lot of buzz for himself and the division.”

But then Johnson – current ONE Championship fighter – hinted that the UFC star might be doing all of this just for money.

“And hey, man, you can’t hate on him. He’s trying to make moves and get paid.”

What do you make of Johnson’s comments regarding Cejudo’s string of cringy antics

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