Darren Till Explains Why Fans Can’t Wait For Him To Lose

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Rising UFC welterweight prospect Darren Till believes that everyone is against him.

Till became a name that fight fans should keep an eye on when he beat former UFC lightweight title contender Donald Cerrone last year.

Now, he’s slated to take on former welterweight title contender Stephen Thompson at the upcoming UFC Liverpool event.

Till recently stated in an interview that once the UFC made this fight official, there was a large portion of the fanbase that has been negative towards him.

“Mate, I can tell you right now that 90% of people can’t wait for me to lose on May 27 to Wonderboy,” said Till told MMAnytt. “They want the so-called hype train to stop. I can’t tell you how many happy faces there are going to be if I get beat, but do you think I give a f**k about them? I couldn’t give a f**k about what anyone thinks, what my Mum thinks, what anyone [thinks].

“I’m putting in the hard work and putting my body through pain and pressure, so if people want to see me lose, okay. If people want to see me win, okay. It doesn’t matter as long as they tune in to see an absolute war.”

“There are other guys that deserve it before me, so I just want to beat Wonderboy and let the welterweight division take it’s course because sooner or later I know it’s going to end up with me having the belt.”

“Wonderboy has beaten everyone, so if I beat him, obviously it looks like I’m in line for a title shot, but I’m not really bothered if the UFC book it or they don’t,” Till said.

Make no mistake about it though, Till understands where they are coming from and is fine with it. After he beats Thompson, he plans to fight a top contender and get one step closer to a title shot.

“When I beat Wonderboy I feel like I want to take on Colby, Usman, RDA, Masvidal, one of those guys,” Till said. “When I beat Wonderboy, those are the guys that I’m looking at next.

“All the guys I’ve called out are real, hard guys. At the end of the day, in order to be the best in the world, you have to fight the best. Those guy are the best so they’re all in my sights. They’ve got a target on their back.”

UFC Liverpool is set to take place on May 27, 2018, at the Echo Arena in Liverpool, England.

The main card will air on FOX Sports 1 at while the preliminary card will be split broadcasted on FOX Sports 1 at and the promotion’s streaming service, UFC Fight Pass.

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