UFC CEO Dana White Sends a Message to the Younger Generation: ‘There’s no respect for our country’

Dana White

It’s no secret that Dana White is not a fan of the current generation of socially conscious individuals who prefer to preach sensitivity and inclusion over savagery.

In a viral clip, the UFC CEO shared his belief that the “next generation is such a group of p*ssies,” referring to young adults who are willing to voice their frustration while attempting to navigate a world where one’s political beliefs or gender identity can expose them to hate and/or physical violence from opposing parties.

During a recent appearance on The Full Send podcast, White echoed similar sentiments when asked about his prior controversial comments.

“I go could on about this for 20 f*cking minutes,” White said. “There’s a lot of reasons I think that and it’s not like during my generation… There weren’t a bunch of… There were some p*ssies too, but this generation is next level. But to be fair, I think every generation thinks the next generation is soft, but right now, if you look at all the sh*t that’s going on in the world right now… If we went to war…

“There’s no respect for the police anymore. There’s no respect for the military. There’s no respect for our country. Our freedom. Our way of life that we have here. You can sit around and nitpick and talk about things that are wrong with the United States. Let me tell you something; I’m gonna tell your f*cking generation, my generation, everybody’s generation that this is it. If this falls, there’s no other f*cking place to go.

“So all these f*cking people who are like, ‘Oh god, if President Trump wins I’m f*cking leaving the country.’ They all say, but nobody f*cking does it. Where you gonna go? Nowhere,” White continued. “All these other f*cking places that you think are f*cking cool and you think are so f*cking great… When the sh*t hits the fan, you find out who’s who and what’s what. We saw it during COVID.

“Places that I thought were f*cking awesome. Places that I thought I would love to live and then we go through COVID. Gang, this is it. So all the people out there marching and crying and protesting all this… This is the greatest country on earth and we should be defending it, fighting for our freedom. Every one of us.”

And there is your daily dose of advice on how to live your life from Dana White, a man worth an estimated $500 million. Enjoy.

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