Dana White: The Reason Cyborg Wants Rousey Is Red Panty Night

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UFC 207 got the main event announced earlier this week, and it’s been non stop talk of Ronda Rousey and Amanda Nunes since. Following nearly a year off of fighting, Rousey not only faces the new champion upon her return, but also the demons of her last fight. Knocking out ‘Rowdy’ with a devastating head kick at UFC 193, Holly Holm silenced her doubters in one of the biggest upset wins in MMA history. After the fight it was clear Rousey would not be the same for some time, and further doubts were cast on her fighting future in the coming months.

Talk of contemplating suicide had fans concerned both about Ronda Rousey‘s health but also regarding her UFC return. 11 months later and once again the fight world is abuzz with ‘Rowdy’ inspired headlines. The champion is a big and strong BJJ black belt who punches very hard, though. How will Rousey stack up against adversity this time around?

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The Comeback

Speaking with FOX Sports Live as transcribed by MMAFighting.com, UFC president Dana White gives us some insight on Ronda Rousey’s comeback. White claims the former dominant women’s bantamweight champion did not go on vacation because of the loss, more because of the media reaction.

“I knew she was gonna return. The thing is with Ronda, she worked so hard for three years for us non-stop, doing our stuff, her stuff, and she wanted some time off. If anybody deserved time off it was her. We probably started talking about her coming back four months ago and that’s it. She had a few nagging injuries, elbows, knees, and she went and got them cleaned out and recovered fast.”

“The thing that people have to understand about Ronda is that she is so competitive – you know, who likes to lose? Nobody does but she is like the next level and I think she just wanted time. She had some issues but her biggest issues, in my opinion, were with the media. She just felt like the media completely turned on her when she lost…Not abandoned. She felt attacked. She felt like these people in the media that she gave three years of her life cruising around, giving interviews to completely turned on her when she lost.”

Ronda Rouseyn

“Ronda wants to win her title back”

Turning to the subject of Cris Cyborg calling out Ronda Rousey, even more so since her comeback was announced, White claims the Brazilian is looking for the payday. He also points out their difference in weight, as well as similarities to Conor McGregor, all the while not noticing McGregor will have fought in three weight classes by the time UFC 205 rolls around.

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“First of all, Cyborg weighs 145 lbs. Ronda weighs 135 lbs…She’s smart. That’s the money fight. This is what Conor calls “red panty night.” When you get the fights with Conor or Ronda, break out the red panties, honey. But Amanda Nunes is the champ. She’s holding the belt that Ronda held. Ronda wants to win her title back. Makes all the sense in the world.”