Dana White says winner of Nogueira vs Velasquez could get a shot at Lesnar

The concept of the newcomer vs the tough veteran is very appealing and it is the story underlying this weekends main event at UFC 110 Nogueira vs Velasquez.At today’s Pre event press conference in Sydney,Dana Whiten UFC president confirmed what many MMA fans expected,that a title shot may be awarded to the winner of the fight. Even though Frank Mir is to soon face Carwin at UFC 111 in march,Dana feels the winner of Nog v Cain should get the shot at Brock on his return to the octagon after illness.

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“Brock is back in the HW division now,” Dana said “He’s healthy,and he’s going to fight again. Mir and Carwin are going to fight for the Interim HW title because the fight was already scheduled before brock said he was coming back. (Nog and Cain),the winner of that fight puts them right in the mix because something could happen to either carwin or Mir in their fight where they couldn’t fight brock,so the winner of this fight would fight Brock.”

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Lesnar has been out of The Octagon since last July’s UFC 100 event where took a TKO victory over Frank Mir. After overcoming life threatening illness Lesnar has announced he will fight this year.

Brock has said he wants to take the interim tag off of the winner of the Carwin vs Mir fight and personally i would like to see the rubber match of Brock V mir especially now Mir has found his stride at 265lbs.

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Source: MMAJunkie.com