UFC boss Dana White blasts ‘Liberal’ Netflix during roast of Tom Brady: ‘I flew out here and you guys give me 60 seconds?’

Dana White hits out at liberal Netflix during Tom Brady roast you gave me 60 seconds

UFC CEO Dana White ripped into Netflix during the roast of Tom Brady on Sunday night.

White was in attendance alongside Max Holloway and Sean O’Malley, and the UFC CEO was given 60 seconds to give a roast, and he took a shot at Netflix during it.

“Let me get into this real quick,” White said, via DailyMail. “It p***es me off – I flew all the way out here and you guys only give me 60 seconds? My name is Dana. Is that not trans enough for you liberal f***s?’ Tom, you played for the Patriots for so long that I was actually starting to feel like you were from Boston. Then I saw you running and I was like, no he’s definitely from San Francisco.

Dana White

“I got two of the baddest dudes in the world right now ‘Suga’ Sean O’Malley and Max Holloway. Tom, you would have been a great fighter, you’re already the master of the ground and pound. That’s what you call coffee dates with your boy Alex Guerrero,” White added.

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The crowd had mixed results to Dana White’s commentary, but the UFC boss wasn’t pleased with just getting 60 seconds for his roast.

Dana White Gets Ripped During Tom Brady Roast

Along with White getting 60 seconds, comedian Andrew Schulz took a shot at the UFC CEO during his roast.

Max Holloway Roast

As he was talking about Brady’s divorce, Schulz said that is why Dana White is here so he can help Brady rip off a Brazilian.

“Gronkowski-Edelman-Welker, that’s not a receiving core, that’s a law firm, and with that divorce coming up, you’re gonna f***ing need them! Oh, that’s why Dana [White] is here – so you can learn how to f*** a Brazilian out of half their purse!,” Schulz said.

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Gillis Kreischer OMalley

It was a funny joke from Schulz who even got White laughing. Ultimately, the UFC CEO had a few good moments during the roast.