Dana White Fires Back At ‘Morons’ Who Say UFC Has Peaked

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UFC President Dana White recently spoke to Bangor Daily News to discuss the UFC’s recent $4 Billion sale of the promotion to WME|IMG this past month, and also talked on the ‘morons’ who talk about the UFC not having anymore stars left.

After the retirement of 205-pound killer Chuck Liddell and welterweight phenom Georges St-Pierre, as well as the fall of stars such as Anderson Silva and Ronda Rousey, many have jumped to the immediate conclusion that the UFC has reached it’s peak. Time and time again, however, a new star is always ready to step up to bat as the carousel continues to spin:

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“Do you know how many times I’ve heard, ‘Oh my God, the Chuck Liddell era is over, Chuck Liddell is retiring, what’s the UFC going to do? They don’t have stars anymore.

Or, ‘Oh my God, the GSP era is over, what are they going to do without GSP?’ Or, ‘Oh my God, the Anderson Silva era is over, what are they going to do without Anderson Silva?’ They say the UFC has peaked — and we just sold it for 4 billion dollars.

I can’t read this stuff or listen to these morons who talk about it. They know nothing about the business and they don’t understand how it works. We do.”

We all know from experience that going undefeated in the sport of MMA is nearly impossible to do, but when the Conor McGregor‘s and Ronda Rousey‘s of today decide to walk away from their tasking worlds, you can believe the next man up will be ready.