Dana White Buying Million-Dollar Mansions & Razing Them In Las Vegas

(Photo by Jeff Bottari/Zuffa LLC/Zuffa LLC via Getty Images)
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Last summers sale of the UFC for $4 billion has clearly paid off for president Dana White, who has recently bought several mansions in his Las Vegas neighborhood with the intent to raze them in an effort to create more privacy for his massive home and backyard pool.

According to The Las Vegas Review Journal, White bought three massive homes in the upscale Tournament Hills neighborhood where he currently lives, one for $1.8 million, $2.4 million, and $2 million in October, January and March of this year.

A total of 6000 square feet of land has now been bought by White, all of which surrounds the home he bought from former UFC owner Frank Fertitta back in 2006 for $1.95 million, back when The Ultimate Fighter reality show created a financial windfall for the UFC, White, and the Fertitta brothers.

The UFC president reportedly made $300 million after Zuffa sold the company to WME-IMG over the summer, but has stayed on in his role as president since the sale.

The extra space that White’s new properties will create between he and his neighbors is most likely an attempt to quell the complaints he’s received from the neighborhood home owner’s association.

Records show that White paid $2500 a month in fines regarding a lavish pool complete with massive waterslides instead of relenting to his neighbors’ demands to tone it down.

Instead, he just bought the surrounding properties and has just filed for permits to have the homes bulldozed and razed.

White’s recent property acquisitions serve to show that when you’re a multimillionaire, enough money can make any problem go away.

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