Dan Hardy claims the UFC staged the video showcasing Dana White’s concern for Calvin Kattar in his fight against Max Holloway

Dan Hardy

Dan Hardy claims that Dana White staged his video of himself being worried for Calvin Kattar’s health, while he was under contract with the UFC as a commentator.

Hardy left the UFC after he had a disagreement with a female employee in 2021. Hardy asked for his release from the UFC and they ended up granting him his leave. The former welterweight fighter speaks out about the UFC and what he doesn’t like about the promotion a lot, as he doesn’t hold back.

Hardy even stood up and yelled at referee Herb Dean to stop the fight between Francisco Tinaldo and Jai Herbert as he was commentating. The two ended up engaging in words in the middle of the event, while they were live. Hardy still stays critical of Dean, claiming he waits too long to stop fights. White came to the side of Dean ands took up for him, while calling Hardy out for his moment of outrage. White claimed that Hardy was out of his place to be calling out a referee live.

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Dan Hardy had no problem calling out his former boss

Hardy was calling the Holloway and Kattar fight, but as he was calling it could tell the UFC was posturing up to make it seem like White truly cared about his fighter’s health. He claims White had the crew put the camera on him, while he was acting as if he was worried.

“And then going into the fifth round, and you have one guy that’s being beaten senseless by another fighter, right? Now, there is no reason why that fight shouldn’t have been stopped at the end of the fourth round. No discredit to Calvin Kattar, but he didn’t earn anything by taking that fifth round beating. But what we did see was that clip coming out of Dana talking to Hunter (Campbell) and being like, ‘Hey, we need to make sure he goes straight to a doctor after that.” (Transcribed by Yahoo.com)

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“And it looks like, ‘Hey, they just caught this on camera across the arena.’ The dude was mic’d up. The receiver of the microphone was attached to the camera that was filming him from across the other side of the arena. That whole thing was staged to protect the UFC. And I watched that, and I’m like, ‘That’s just dirty.’ Actually do something to protect the fighter. Don’t do something to protect the sport or the company if the fighter gets damaged.”