Dada 5000 Says He Was Pronounced Dead After Kimbo Slice Fight

Dada 5000

Dada 5000 was stretchered out of the arena and taken to a hospital following his fight with Kimbo Slice at Bellator 149. It was revealed that Dada 5000, whose real name is Dhafir Harris, had two heart attacks as a result of the fight. 

Dada 5000 recently spoke out on the situation during a recent appearance on The Dan LeBatard Show.

“When I actually fell inside that ring, Kimbo Slice never touched me,” Harris said. “I had a heart attack. So, when I slammed against the cage, and I went down, that was just the beginning.”

“I remember bits and pieces of the second round,” Harris said. “Where I hit Kimbo, and he just dropped his hands. And I’m looking at a home-run at that point, but my body was so done, I couldn’t even follow up. Even when he was on all fours, and I was tapping him, I’m thinking, ‘yo if I would’ve had a little more power, that would’ve been over at that point.’ So I was feeling like I was anxious.”

“I was thinking to myself, ‘what is actually going on with me?’ I didn’t know at that time, medically, that my kidneys had locked up on me and that I was having a heart attack. And the last thing that I remember is that I was leaning on him, and he shifted away from me. He swung, but he missed, and I stumbled, and I went down. The next thing, I woke up hours later, and I was inside the hospital.”

Dada 5000 claims that he died as a result of the fight. Doctors kept working on him to try to bring him back to life, which is exactly what happened.

“I was dead,” Harris added. “When you talk about your spirit leaving your body, looking at the light, but it’s not your time to go, and you actually get brought back, that was my situation. Because I was pronounced dead, and they kept working, kept working, kept working. And I died minutes apart.”

“I come from a spiritual background,” Harris said. “I’m laying on the gurney, the bed. Now, they say when a person is inside of a coma, be careful of what you say because they can hear you but they cannot respond to you. The last thing that goes is your hearing. So I’m listening to the doctors say, ‘well, listen, we have to drill a hole inside of his head. We have to release the pressure on his brain. We have to put this chip or something inside so we can get the response from him that we want.’ And my brothers and them were like, ‘no, you’re not doing that.’ So they were telling me, ‘Dada, if you hear what they’re trying to do to you, move your hand. Move your right hand.’ And I couldn’t. I was stuck.”

Dada 5000 explained that he was trying to talk but just couldn’t but was able to use his hands as a sign of life, which alerted the doctors that he was alive.

“I was screaming to the top of my lungs, no, do not let them do that to me. And I’m going to tell you something, my will to live superseded anything else. I really just focused on my hands, and I moved my hands, and they were like, ‘doc, look, he’s moving his hands! Move your other hand.’ And I moved my other hand.”

“The doctors were like, ‘wow, it’s a miracle. Like, no, it’s God. You haven’t seen anything yet. And later that day, I’m laying back, and my eyes just opened up a little bit, and then I actually opened them up. They had tubes and everything running down my throat. They had originally written me off.”

Following this situation, it’s highly unlikely that Bellator MMA will book him to fight again.