Consider Your Minds Blown; Anderson Silva Training With Steven Seagal for Sonnen Fight and Chael Couldn’t Care Less

(Video  courtesy YouTube/LUMBATE)

Just when you thought UFC middleweight champion Anderson Silva couldn’t get any stranger than his bizarre UFC 112 performance against Demian Maia in Abu Dhabi, “The Spider” goes and ups the ante and brings in washed up silver screen tough guy Steven Seagal to help him train in the deadly art of Aikido for his upcoming UFC 117 fight with Chael Sonnen in August.

In the video, the rotund former action star shows Anderson how to chop and wristlock his way to victory over Sonnen. I had to double check that no one spiked my drink with any hallucinogens when I wasn’t looking, but since my wife and kids would never do that to me, I realized the clip was legit.

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When contacted by CagePotato today for comment on the situation and Seagal’s assertion that Silva will easily win the bout using the techniques he showed him, Sonnen had the following to say:

“Mr. Seagal’s impressive record of victories against bored stuntmen who are paid to lose makes his criticism particularly stinging.”

No word as to whether Chael will trump Silva’s move by bringing in Pat Morita, Chuck Norris, Jean Claude Van Damme or Gene Lebell to help him ready for the bout.