UFC star Conor McGregor makes massive donation to Fighter who suffered ‘life-altering Injuries’ while training

Conor McGregor donates money to Ryan Curtis

Conor McGregor made a hefty donation to Ryan Curtis, an Irish MMA fighter who suffered “life-altering injuries” during a training session.

On Saturday, Bellator standout Leah McCourt revealed that her friend and the Dublin native had suffered multiple devastating injuries. Taking to social media, she asked her followers to support a GoFundMe page to help her teammate and his family during this trying time.

“As an athlete and human the unimaginable has happened to our beloved Ryan,” McCourt’s statement read. “He was involved in a life altering incident during a training session on Thursday 11th January. Ryan has suffered a broken back, broken neck and dislocated spine. During this injury, trauma was also caused to Ryan’s spinal cord.

“The damage is classified as the most severe that can happen to a spinal cord. He was rushed to the Royal in Belfast and underwent emergency surgery.

“Currently Ryan has no movement in his legs or his left arm. The road ahead is unknown and will involve at least 5 months of him in hospital, followed by a further period of time with a specialist spinal team. There is no exact end date to when this treatment will be complete.

“Understandably he is distressed at present, we have limited access to see him. He is in ICU and hopefully being moved to spinal ward when conditions improve. He is still showing his positive outlook, his determination and mindset to overcome yet another challenge that life has presented.

“Ryan will never be able to do what he loves, and fight or train in MMA again. A sport he has dedicated his life to from the age of 11.

“Ryan will be out of work for the foreseeable future and we are trying to take any additional load or stress off Ryan’s family and daughter by creating a page to raise some funds to help towards rehabilitation, vital treatment, recovery and supporting his family.”

Conor McGregor and Many others show their support

Thus far, the GoFundMe campaign has generated almost £80,000 with Irish boxer Mick Conlan, MMA journalist Ariel Helwani, and renowned MMA coach Paul Rimmer all donating to the cause. But the biggest boost came from UFC megastar Conor McGregor who donated a whopping £25,000. The former two-division titleholder also sent a heartfelt message to Curtis and his family.

“Very sad news on Curta,” the UFC superstar wrote on his Instagram story. The game isn’t worth the risk. Truth we don’t want to speak on. Thank God for your little family Curta, keep them tight and God bless brother, get better will you!”

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McGregor also shared a video message on X, showing support for Curtis and his young family.

“Sending my support and well wishes to Dublin MMA fighter Ryan Curtis after suffering life changing injury in practice. Here is a link to his go fund me , he has a young daughter and the family needs our support.”

If you’d like to donate to the cause, you can visit the GoFundMe page right here.