Conor McGregor has recently explained why he deletes some of his tweets after posting them and keeping them on his page for hours at a time.

Everyone knows McGregor loves to take shots at people on Twitter. Some of his more off putting tweets tend to get deleted after he has them out there for a little while. In a recent rant, ‘The Notorious’ explained that he deletes his tweets to keep the negativity off his page. He says what he has to and gets it off his page instead of keeping it there.

McGregor has recently been going on rants about other fighters and has also voiced his displeasure with the current COVID protocols in Ireland. Ireland has recently shut down again to prevent the spread of the virus.

‘“Frustrated with these new restrictions in Ireland,” McGregor said in a since deleted tweet . “We’ve done our part and we’ve followed the rules. [They] told us last month we had the virus suppressed. And yet we move forwards only to move backward again. All we ask for is clarity, and we have gotten none since the beginning.”

A political commentator called out McGregor on Twitter for deleting his tweets about the Irish government and he responded with,

“My point stands. I am ashamed of those in government! Leo comment, disgraceful. I’m worried for our neglected hospitals and for our people. It is an abomination what is happening! It hurts me beyond belief. If you think I enjoy saying these things and want to keep them, i do not.”

Conor McGregor responded back to another political commentator that called him out for deleting his tweets as well

 “Hey, d*** breath, you must be new here. I will always say what I need to say, it gets reported/spread, then I remove from my page. “It’s done and out. I do not like to keep negativity on my channels. Ever. You do zero to help anything or anyone in any situation. So shut up.” McGregor responded back to the commentator in another tweet he deleted.

McGregor is currently in the middle of making his biggest comeback yet after breaking his leg against Dustin Poirier.

How do you feel about Conor McGregor deleting his tweets?

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