Things didn’t go Colby Covington’s way this past weekend (Sat. December 14, 2019) at UFC 245.

Covington was defeated by welterweight champion Kamaru Usman in the pay-per-view’s (PPV) main event. “Chaos” and Usman put on a tremendous back-and-forth bout, however, Usman was able to land a crushing shot that broke Covington’s jaw midway through the fight. Towards the end of the fifth round, Usman then put Covington away with just about a minute left.

Now, speaking to MMA Fighting, American Top Team (ATT) owner Dan Lambert has offered an update on Covington’s status. In regards to Covington’s broken jaw, Lambert reveals Covington is back in Florida and will be seeing an oral surgeon to see what he wants to do next.

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“He came back to Florida to go see an oral surgeon here to figure out what he wanted to do,” Lambert said. “I’m not real familiar with what the different statuses are with the jaw but I know one thing, he’s a tough motherf*cker to fight with it for three rounds in that kind of stand-up war.”

Covington also appears to be in good spirits despite the defeat, as Lambert said “Chaos” wants to get right back into training as soon as possible.

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“He is a 10 out of 10 as far as what I would hope his mindset would be after a fight like that,” Lambert said. “He wants to get right back in. He wants to get right back into training. He wants to get back into training as soon as he’s ready health wise. He wants to get back and prove that he’s the best.

“You never know how a fighter’s going to respond to something like that. When I first talked to him, I had my concerns cause you just never know. I could not have scripted his response any better than what I heard from him. He’s 1,000 percent positive, 1,000 percent motivated. He’s ready to go. He didn’t lose one piece of confidence in himself.”

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What do you think about Covington wanting to get right back to work after suffering a broken jaw and TKO loss at UFC 245?