Colby Covington ‘Felt Good’ To See ‘Overrated’ Ben Askren Get Knocked Out

CM Punk has Covington Askren
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Former UFC interim welterweight champion Colby Covington certainly enjoyed seeing Ben Askren suffer his first professional defeat.

Askren was the recipient of a viral flying knee knockout just five seconds into his UFC 239 matchup with Jorge Masvidal earlier this month. Given his trash talking style, many were pleased to see him suffer defeat, while others believe “Funky” showed why he was overrated.

Covington — who has gone back-and-forth with Askren in the past — is on both sides as he reflected on the fight in a recent interview with Sirius XM:

“Of course I felt good (seeing him get knocked out by Jorge Masvidal),” Colby Covington said (via BJ Penn). “All the sh*t that he talked and all this stuff that he put people on Twitter that people wrote for him, and all the followers he bought and the interaction he buys every day on social media. It was finally good to see him be shut up.

We found out he is overhyped, he is overrated, he fought a bunch of losers in Asian bingo halls and had a padded record and people want to think he is this Great White Shark but really, he is a jobber and shouldn’t be in the UFC. He is 0-2 and about to go 0-3 and about to get his walking papers.

Covington On Askren’s Next Fight

There have been reports of Askren potentially facing Demian Maia when he’s cleared to fight again. Covington — who defeated Maia via unanimous decision back in 2017 — doesn’t see any way Askren wins that fight, however:

“He can’t beat Demian Maia anywhere,” he added. “Demian Maia will choke him out if he shoots in for a takedown. If it is on the feet he is going to get pieced up because he has pillow hands and is scared to throw punches and get punched. So, I think Demian Maia is going to piece him up.”

Do you agree with Covington?